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I’m currently working for Red Hat since October 2013. I joined eNovance which was acquired by Red Hat in 2014. I am working on the OpenStack project, one of my task is to port OpenStack to Python 3.

I’m actively contributing to CPython upstream (on the next Python 3.6 version). See my contributions to CPython.

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About me

  • Job Title at Red Hat: Senior Software Engineer
  • Twitter: “Opensource Python Hacker”
  • Pycon US 2014: Python core developer since 2010, I’m the author of various Python applications and libraries Python. See my profile on Bitbucket and and Github. I’m now working on OpenStack at Enovance (Paris).
  • FOSDEM 2013: Python code developer since 3 years, I love hacking free softwares to improve them, especially the Python project.
  • Victor is a Senior Engineer at eNovance. Python core developer since January 2010, he eats bugs for breakfast and reviews patches for dinner. On his free time, he shares code of open source projects on Bitbucket and Github.
  • I got an award by the OpenStack project for my work on porting all OpenStack unit tests, one by one, to Python 3: “The Infinite Rebase Shield”.
  • I got a PSF Community Service Award in August 2015 for my work on CPython
  • PyDev of the Week: Victor Stinner (February, 2017)

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